MicroStrategy Buys Over $400 Million In Bitcoin As Price Dips

The biggest corporate bitcoin holder has added 7,002 more bitcoin to its stack in a $414 million purchase.
MicroStrategy has added 7,002 bitcoin to its holdings in a purchase of approximately $414.4 million, an average price of $59,187 per BTC, the company disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The software intelligence firm now holds around 121,044 BTC acquired at an aggregate purchase price of $3.57 billion, averaging approximately $29,534 per bitcoin.
The company financed the acquisition by selling class A common stock, which the company previously disclosed in June. According to the filing, the company had issued and sold 571,001 shares for $414.4 million during the fourth quarter, between October 1 and November 29. Each share sold for an average price of $732.16.
MicroStrategy has an impeccable track record of purchasing bitcoin as the price dips. The company is the biggest corporate holder of bitcoin in the world, excluding financial funds and similar institutions. At the time of writing, it holds around 0.64% of the total circulating supply of 18,886,297.75 BTC — approximately 0.57% of the total amount of bitcoin to be ever issued, 21 million.
The company is also characterized by a strict HODL mentality. In August, its CEO Michael Saylor explained in an interview that MicroStrategy purchases bitcoin directly, custody it themselves, and doesn’t lend it out. Saylor, who became a notable figure in the Bitcoin community after sharing his extreme confidence in the monetary good’s properties and the accompanying buy and hold strategy, has pushed the Bitcoin agenda at MicroStrategy and made it part of the firm’s business model.
Since Saylor pledged not to stop acquiring bitcoin on his company’s Q2 investor call in September, MicroStrategy has purchased nearly 20,000 BTC. Tesla is the second-biggest corporate holder of bitcoin, with a stack of around 43,200 BTC.

Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/business/microstrategy-buys-7002-more-bitcoin-for-414-million

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