Microsoft, Alibaba, Carnegie Mellon, samenwerken and Argus project: een Ethereum-gebaseerde anti-piracy

Multinational technology company Microsoft, Chinese internet company Alibaba Group Holding Limited and Carnegie Mellon University have jointly developed Argus, an anti-piracy solution that will run on the ethereum blockchain.The collaboration between the two companies and a research university, Microsoft Research Asia academic research unit according to an article published by Microsoft, aims to help prevent widespread piracy of digital materials online.

“anti-piracy is basically a procedure based on collecting data from an open anonymous population, so the question of how to promote reliable messages is central to the problem,” the researchers said.

The joint research effort aims to launch Argus, a blockchain-based network that will work as an anti-piracy solution that provides privacy and transparency. The Argus project is currently developing a consensus mechanism called “leak proof” that can track illegal content to the original source, which acts as a watermark algorithm. Digital material reports cannot be replicated because at first, like a transaction registered on a blockchain, they are actually verified.

Using the Ethereum protocol, The Argus development team has developed a method to bypass gas costs to work by optimizing crypto transactions. The Argus blockchain project operates on four basic principles: full transparency, promotion, information hiding and optimization.

“the most important value of our work is not the Argus system itself, but the approach that enables its development and implementation. First, we clearly define the interests of different roles and the purpose of full transparency without relying on any role.”there’s paper.

According to Microsoft, it has been a victim of software piracy for many years, making the project a viable and necessary business solution

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