Mi Store in Portugal reports crypto acceptance, Xiaomi says” the decision was made without knowledge or approval.”

On August 5th, the Mi Store in Portugal announced that it had accepted cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, tether and dash. At the time, mi Store Portugal said it was working with blockchain payment company Utrust to be more “inclusive.” However, Xiaomi Corporation, the parent company of mi Store from China, reacted to the store’s decision to adopt crypto, saying it did not control “the autonomy of third-party stores.”

Mi Store’s decision to adopt cryptocurrency in Portugal did not go as planned
Digital currency fans from Portugal were thrilled when the Mi Store in their region announced it was accepting cryptocurrencies for payments. Mi Store sells smartphones and accessories of the xiaomi brand, and on August 5, the store said it would accept bitcoin, ethereum, tether and dash for payments to Facebook subscribers.

A screenshot of mi Store’s social media post in Portugal.
However, the message was deleted, although some scavengers discovered archived URLs and screenshots of mi Store’s social media channels in Portugal. A message on Facebook said::

From now on, purchases in mi Store Portugal will be more inclusive and comprehensive, as you can buy your electronic cryptocurrency or the most profitable devices such as Bitcoin, ethereum, tether, dash or UTRUST token. Amazing, isn’t it?

In October, in addition to Mi Store, social media, email, blockchain, payments, project Utrust is the publisher and editor of the UTRUST token, which is published on Twitter about an e-store in Portugal to accept crypto assets. “Xiaomi’s official retailer, Mi Store Portugal, now accepts crypto payments. Xiaomi is the world’s second-largest phone maker, and its local branches now accept tomorrow’s money. Phones, wearables and more – buy now,” he said.

Xiaomi Corporation Responsible
There is a suspicion that Mi Store Portugal and UTRUST have deleted these social media posts.

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