MFi: zijn ‘af te raden snelkoppeling’ naar financiële private cryptocurrencies include

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said cryptocurrencies are nothing more than a “shortcut” to financial availability. 

“As a national currency, cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, carry significant risks to Macro Financial Stability, Financial Integrity, consumer rights protection and the environment,” the IMF said in its blog. 

Overview of IMF problems
When it comes to cryptocurrencies as a national currency, the IMF has four main problems. 

First and foremost is macroeconomic stability. Government revenues will suddenly be exposed to currency risks, for example if taxes are listed in cryptocurrency, spending will be listed in local currency or vice versa, the IMF said. 

Monetary policy will also ” weaken “and domestic prices could become”very volatile.””Even if all prices were quoted in bitcoins, the prices of imported goods and services would still fluctuate greatly, following the vagaries of market valuations,” the organization said. 

The IMF said: “the official currency should be stable enough to facilitate its use for medium-and long-term monetary liabilities.” 

Another key issue for the IMF is financial integrity, or more clearly, the pervasive risk of financial crimes. The organization has talked about using crypto to finance terrorism, tax evasion and launder illegal funds. 

The guidelines on these risks are published by the financial activities task force (FATF), a global watchdog on financial crime. But, as the IMF points out, the implementation and implementation of these standards is far from consistent around the world. 

In October, the IMF cited the cryptocurrency industry as a major obstacle to its harmful impact on the environment.  

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