Métis: First-time community-created NFT attracts buyers with early offering of 7 ETH

PRESS RELEASE. The first Community NFT launched at OpenSea this week, gave 7 ETH bids to this historic event and gave 256 lucky users the chance to share the proceeds from the NFT auction with the artist. This big deal is the final phase of a very popular campaign where, instead of the expected five-day timeframe, the first rounds of the first NFT coins are released within minutes. More than 12,000 customers entered portfolios on the MetisDAO.org website as part of the NFT competition. The NFT is dubbed "Rebuilding the Tower of Babel" and connects the old idea of the Babylonian Bible tower and its mission to unite people from all over the world, speaking different languages, with the city of the future and massive blockchain technology. Bidders will now be able to bid for NFT until the auction ends at 13:53 (UTC) on Monday, May 3rd. Metis CEO and co-founder Elena Sinelnikova said the company demonstrates the spirit of collaboration offered by a community NFT. It's a very different and new angle from other NFTs that are whipped to help a lone craftsman, celebrity, or artist. “This gives this artwork a unique place in NFT history and makes it a much more valuable product for collectors and art lovers who are considering investing in the NFT space. "In addition to the 256 people who will benefit from the OpenSea auction, 2,304 people participating in the competition will have the opportunity to participate in future Métis monitoring projects. Users who are not eligible for these awards can join the waiting list. MetisDAO.org will be the first to know about future Métis events. During this time, customers who share the link to the OpenSea auction page will be eligible to receive Metis tokens, available for future contests and promotions. The historic NFT addressed by the community has already sparked a FOMO rush.

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