Merkezi olmayan arazi fiyatı 16% artarak $0,717 – mana Nasıl Satın Alınır

Decentralized land (mana), like most cryptocurrencies on its charts, brings remarkable profits. Mana is known to dominate the NFT Sunday thanks to virtual lands and features that have increased its popularity.
The mana has risen 16% in the past 24 hours and was trading at $ 0.717 on major exchanges at the time of writing.
Mana price analysis
Mana is up slightly after rising above $ 0.50 in recent days. Sundays yesils this increase can be explained by the continued support of the market, where many currencies are currently trading in the green zone. As the upward trend moves higher, we may see Mana reach $ 0.80 and possibly $ 1 higher over the long term.
Buying decentralized land is approaching a high for the currency, while most short-term traders may benefit from increased leverage in the hope that prices will rise above $ 1.60, as reported in May. Therefore, overbought without strong support can consume growth, causing price corrections.
Price declines are possible for a decentralized country, especially as bitcoin and the wider Sunday start to fall. Therefore, nimble traders who want to avoid losses should also evaluate the performance of other tokens. The pullback could set a new level at $ 0.50, and the falls could lead to even stronger bears.
One of the reasons decentralization is famous is to sell virtual land and real estate. Recently, the most expensive real estate was sold at decentralization for a large sum of about $ 1 million. This suggests that virtual countries and buildings are becoming increasingly popular.
The crypto community is also looking forward to the ethereum music festival in a decentralized country. The Festival called” to the moon ” will start on July 11, at which point we can observe the growing interest in Mana.
The value of the NFT is expected to continue to grow, and with decentralization and leadership in this area, MANA is making a good investment.
Where to buy mana for those who want to buy Mana token

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