gaat Live platform in meer dan $ 6 million funding the platform, which combines features such as CoinMarketCap in The mem world, is opening its platform to users around the world after raising $ 6 million in the spring. To combine the cultural power of memes with the crypto economy, the start-up will allow people to buy and sell any breast tokens for the first time.

When they are built, it gives the opportunity to create, buy and sell token memes based on the perceived value of trends on the internet. The value created in the market will be returned to the creators and supporters of the best memes.

To create and purchase Meme tokens, members must purchase the platform’s own token, memecoin ($MEM).

“We want to create a place where people who participate in a particular meme can decipher and help them develop and spread that meme. Around each breast symbol is a club where people help each other to expand their breast abilities.”
– Matthias Tirberg, Sir, throwing rocks.

However, in the beta phase, seven breast markers (called Genesis markers) will be available, which will be released continuously for only a few weeks. This is done to ensure that the platform is working as designed for further opening.

The cost of Meme tokens is determined by the community that supports their favorite content on the platform. Genesis markers include this normal, deceptive man, Voiak, Pepe, Harold, Keck, and Doge, who hide the pain. Genesis tokens will be powered by a memes Club feature to help people improve each meme.

“We aim to create communities around each meme and support every aspect of it, from meme to remixes and spreads. The most successful are the memes that stand behind a powerful community.”
– Johan Unger, na ex alien

Outside Sunday, beta will also offer tasks that will allow the community to compete for incentives for memes. These missions are trying to encourage us

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