Meet Ojamu, A Blockchain-Based Platform That Helps Brands Optimize Their Digital Marketing

With more than 4.66 billion active Internet users, much of the world’s adult population is connected to digital networks. The Internet and social media enable brands to communicate with their target audiences at a more personalized and profound level than ever before.

At the same time, brands are fighting to get consumers ‘ attention. Most struggle to increase return on investment in digital marketing because of inefficiencies, lack of smart tools and real-time consumer data.

Using artificial intelligence and blockchain for digital marketing
Brands need better tools to optimize their marketing strategies and consistently run successful campaigns.

This is what Ojamu, a Singapore marketing technology company that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain, has achieved. This eliminates unnecessary and low-payback marketing campaigns, as well as wasteful spending by third-party intermediaries.

Blockchain is a decommissioned digital ledger that keeps transaction records in peer-to-peer networks.

Access to consumer data is not the only problem for brands. Success depends on your ability to analyze data on scale and predict optimal marketing strategies. Brands that use artificial intelligence and blockchain can potentially surpass their competitors-the performance, speed, accuracy and success of marketing campaigns.

Ojamu uses unchangeable tokens (NFT) to give brands access to the industry’s AI tools and key data points. Brands are also accessing numerous cross-linked data points to explore previously unknown ideas that could benefit their digital marketing campaigns.

The Polkadot-based intelligent platform analyzes and maps hundreds of millions of unique data points in targeted industries.

The platform’s neural prediction engine uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate and suggest the most effective digital marketing campaigns for brands, products and services.

This greatly increases the likelihood of success of digital marketing campaigns.

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