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On August 21, 2021, at around 14:00 EDT, We are proud to report that Lisk Mainnet V2 has successfully completed the transition to Lisk Mainnet V3. This includes the biggest protocol change to occur in Lisk blockchain and marks the beginning of a new era for Lisk network as lisk mainnet v2 removes all weaknesses related to fees, compromise algorithm and accounts and prepares and develops lisk blockchain for future interactions.There’ll be a few roads.

What does this mean to me?

New Account System

Dynamic Compensation System

Updated DPOs

Complete variability with Lisk BFT

Significant Performance Improvements

New Modular Architecture

More Information About This Product

Perspectives: what next?

Development focus: Lisk compatibility

Focus: blockchain compatibility


What does this mean to me?

This section provides an overview of all the new and updated features now available in the New Lisk Mainnet V3.

1. New Account System

Did you know that with Lisk v3, you have a highly secure new account address system with built-in typo detection? No need to start an account anymore! We provide complete security to our community.

The old address and identity system was changed and all existing accounts were automatically transferred to the new system. This allows a longer address to be used, reduces the likelihood of address collisions for users, and ensures that these addresses are resistant to pre-image attacks. It also eliminates the need to start a new account, as needed in the old version of Mainnet V2, and ensures that every new account in the Lisk network is fully protected from the start.

The following credentials for your account have not changed:

Your private key
Your public key
Your 12-word mnemonic phrase

This way, you can still use your old password to log in to Lisk desktop as you did before.

The following account credentials have changed:


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