Meet a company that wants to combine crypto with Diem

When Facebook announced the Diem blockchain project, many people were thrilled. But unfortunately, it is a closed system that is sad despite the potential of the ecosystem. The team behind the pontem network wants to change this story by creating a version of diem without their permission.

Pontem network complements Facebook’s daily allowances
The vision of the pontem network is relatively simple: create an unauthorized version of Diem. Blockchain will interact with the Facebook initiative, but it will also open doors for global entrepreneurs to experiment with new ideas and functions. The pontem network organization has the support of several reputable funds and organizations, confirming the demand for a more “open” version of Diem.

Instead of competing with the Facebook ecosystem, Pontem complements that. It connects to Diem and the decentralized world by providing access to cryptocurrency markets and segments. It provides access to Defi, NFT, games and other tools for blockchain users powered by Facebook. All this thanks to Facebook Move technology, which allows crypto developers to create apps for it.

Under the hood, team Pontem brings movement to polkadot ecosystems. Combining diem versions with cross-chain compliant ecosystems is an important first step. Developers can then test their ideas in a motion-compliant ecosystem before releasing them to the Diem blockchain. Pontem aims to be a platform for developers of your choice. The first use case is pontem blocks, a universal interface for creating products and services.

Veterans team and leading financiers
To date, the pontem network project has provided $ 4.5 million in funding. It’s big money that deserves a closer look at the team. Stas Oskin and Boris vazile are co-authors of the pontem network. However, both men have worked on other famous crypto projects, including Lisk, Ark, WINGS.DAO and ray Mimblwimble. Moreover, they have many years of experience

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