Mastercard Expands Startup Accelerator To Support Crypto Startups

Payment company Mastercard recently announced the launch of Start Path, a new global start-up program aimed at encouraging the acceleration of cryptocurrency and blockchain startups.

Start Path accelerator program will help accelerate the development of innovations in technology, digital assets, crypto currencies and digital assets, thus individuals and institutions to buy, it will be safer and easier to store and to spend,” he said.

The programme, according to the MasterCard Start Path accelerator, currently including seven seven криптофирмам align GK8, this autonomous, feed-through Enterprise Storage Platform Encryption, data is not acceptable as an assault супраоракла changed user token (NFT), блокчейн-based oracle, Switzerland; STACS), structure блокчейн-financial sector infrastructure; Globe and money investment platform of a new generation, designed to combine digital assets and traditional finance for investors, the private sector, Taurus-this infrastructure at the corporate level, the company managing protect digital assets and Crypto-Capital мультиактивная platform for digital money.

“Fast-growing digital assets are moving forward in their quest to support blockchain and cryptocurrency companies,” the collaboration said.”The portfolio of collaborating companies will continue to evolve and will be open to offers from appropriate initiatives.

“As a leading technology player, we believe we can play an important role in digital assets, helping shape the industry and ensuring consumer protection and safety. Part of our role is to build the future of cryptocurrency, and we are doing this by combining core financial principles with digital asset innovations, ” said Jess Turner, vice president of new digital infrastructure and fintech at Mastercard.

Mastercard consumers in more than 210 countries, financial institutions, governments and businesses by serving global technology company that connects and supports the processes in the digital economy.

The startpad accelerator program started in 2014 and

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