Marsis: Creating New Frontiers in NFT Space

Blockchain technology, the underlying infrastructure that makes crypto transactions possible, is constantly evolving. Since it is a simple ledger that records all transactions, they have become alternatives to the traditional financial industry. The latest developments in the blockchain space currently revolve around NFTs – immutable tokens and decentralized finance (DeFi). While these two have different applications of DLT with many real-world uses, their paths are starting to converge and will soon become inseparable. While the symbiotic relationship between DeFi and NFTs is inevitable, Marsis is ramping up speed by doing this now rather than later. Marsis is a pioneering self-managed decentralized NFT asset valuation platform that brings the concept of DeFi to NFTs through the efficient use of DAOs. In their current format, NFTs often serve as collectibles similar to in-game badges or good old physical trading cards. More recently, NFTs are turning into digital representations of real physical items such as paintings, luxury goods, and even other digital content on the blockchain. These characters also represent the potential for NFTs to act as entities representing certain de facto financial instruments, an important step forward for the DeFi industry. Deciphering the true value of NFTs Currently, the value of NFTs is determined by their rarity, exclusivity, and sometimes their origin – they can generate large sums of money if it's a well-known personality, artist or studio. In contrast, many other assets without the necessary pedigree eventually become worthless or worse go undiscovered. And who should decide the true value of a seemingly popular NFT? As a fully decentralized NFT asset valuation platform, Marsis creates a free and fair platform where the community gathers to evaluate NFTs to determine their true value. The mechanism ensures that all NFTs and their creators have a fair chance to reap the rewards of their efforts.

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