Mark Zuckerberg hinted he owned Bitcoin after posting Pet Goat photo

Facebook CEO may have accidentally announced that he owned Bitcoin on Facebook following a photo of his pet cryptographically called Bitcoin. The posted photo says "My Goats: Max and Bitcoin". While Zuckerberg does not directly admit that he owns a Bitcoin (and he never publicly discussed his opinion on Bitcoin), his post is interpreted by the crypto community as a sign that the billionaire CEO is a Bitcoin owner; some suggest that his post is an encrypted message to the Bitcoin community. Since GOAT is a popular acronym for “ The Best of All Time '' in the sports world, the reference to a goat and Bitcoin is interpreted by some as a message that Zuckerberg supports the cryptocurrency. Of course, Zuckerberg's post could be captured for the first time as a photo shared by the Facebook CEO's beloved Max and Bitcoin goats. Alternatively, and as Elon Musk generally did on Twitter, it could be a Zuckerberg joke at the expense of the Bitcoin community, a joke Zuckerberg knew so well could drive the market into frenzy. Disclosure of Bitcoin holdings or support from CEOs of large corporations almost always resulted in increased support and growth for Bitcoin. Elon Musk used his influence on Twitter to show his support for Bitcoin and especially Dogecoin. Square's Jack Dorsey also talked about his support and future plans to integrate Bitcoin, which is currently the third largest Bitcoin owner, into his business. The jury decided if there was any factual evidence behind the footage posted by Zuckerberg, but with Facebook's shareholders meeting this month, it will be interesting to see if there is any bitcoin on the CEO's balance sheets. Facebook explains. Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not legally offered or intended to be used, t

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