Mark Cuban reveals distribution on Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution polygon

Famous American entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban made a strategic investment in Polygon and emphasized that Ethereum is using and adopting its multi-chain approach to the protocol. The launch of the Polygon SDK is accompanied by investments while Mark Cuban is one of the newest high-level personalities to show, including Goldman Sachs, who presents a thesis highlighting the potential of the network to surpass Bitcoin in terms of crypto dominance, while the big names behind Ethereum are. Support. Behind the network thanks to the investment in Polygon. Polygon, formerly known as Matic, aims to address the scaling constraints plaguing Ethereum by providing the interoperability required to create and connect Ethereum-compatible chains. The 2-scale solution developed by the company will effectively utilize core Ethereum functions while enhancing existing network capabilities. For projects like decentralized finance (difficulty) that want to avoid the throughput bottlenecks and high costs that are currently plaguing the Ethereum mainnet, this new solution is designed to overcome these hurdles. Cuba has maintained the terms and size of its investment in Polygon, but "I was a Polygon user and I find myself increasingly using it. I have integrated Polygon into, another blockchain company in its portfolio, to help users streamline NFTs. This investment is part of a significant advance for Polygon, the deployment of the Polygon SDK. The SDK allows developers to create custom independent chains compatible with Ethereum with its growing range of modules. Helping Polygon fulfill its promise of developing a multi-chain ecosystem. In addition, Polygon's high-throughput and PoS consensus model supports gas-free operations and near-instant approvals.Future deployment is set for future iterations of the Polygon SDK to support more Layer 2 platforms, including aggregations and plasma, each of which will support at the same time. will support.

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