Mark Cuban: Dogecoin 'legitimate', bitcoin 'financial religion'

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur, investor, Shark Tank star and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, took his keyboard to tweet about his new favorite thing, crypto. The 62-year-old shredder has precisely focused on the three most talked about digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Cuban opened his salvo with a tweet that Bitcoin's relative value is seen as a store of value compared to gold, the most sacred and tangible asset. He defined the two entities as "financial religions." While the cryptocurrency market is full of cults, the spiritual leaders are right, Cuban said. Bitcoin is "easy to trade / store / create without delivery issues"; gold is a "hassle". Crypto thrives when it comes to enforcing competition more efficiently. BTC / Gold are two financial religions. BTC is easy to trade / store / create without the hassle of delivery. BTC also provides value transfer locally and worldwide. It is a golden problem. Just Ft Knox – Follow Mark Cuban (@mcuban) May 2, 2021 Cuban posted a few tweets in honor of its innovation in Ethereum and self-directed smart contracts. “Eth smart contracts are better, cheaper and faster than existing alternatives to validate / buy / sell / deliver digital items,” he said. Eth smart contracts for De-Fi are more effective than banks in securing / depositing / trading financial instruments. One is automatic, reliable and almost instantaneous. The other is based on buildings filled with people who add fees and friction to the same transactions – Mark Cuban (@mcuban) May 2, 2021 Investor focused directly on the banking system and “ tied to buildings full of people that add costs and friction to the same transactions (which smart contracts can perform). A word about DOGE Cuban then turned his attention to Dogecoin, the number one coin in cryptocurrency. He tweeted: "As more companies choose doge for product

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