Many moving parts, including ships!

BREAKING NEWS: Inchcape Shipping Services reported that Ever Given was successfully lifted. Twitter link is here…. The Eye of the Market Heavy Data Calendar, Suez Canal Jam Week will be a busy week for financial markets and there will be many moving parts at the beginning of the new month. A unit that refused to move, the container ship Ever Given; He moved a little over the weekend, but still refuses to surrender and continues to close the Suez Canal. The fluctuation effects are still determinant in world trade and explain the rise in oil prices, especially on Friday. Wall Street remained on its own Friday, despite reports of large-scale stock liquidations by a struggling family office. Asia seems to be happily shrugged this morning after following the positive close and the announcement of China Industrial Profits this weekend. With the lockdown of China in the same period last year, 179% annual gains were proudly welcomed. However, compared to the 2019 data for the same period, it still shows an impressive gain. This ensures that China's official and unofficial PMIs are performing strongly this week. This should allow continental markets to heighten fear of the delisting of US or Chinese stocks, which gained weight in the markets last week. It is also expected to eliminate geopolitical tensions and retaliation against foreign companies that criticize Xinjiang cotton, and eliminate China's decision to file charges over imported Australian wine. In the global context alone they are not a major problem, but together they show an increasing pattern of militancy and warring warfare against companies and countries that do not keep "up to date". With the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. For many international companies and governments around the world, doing business in China will become more difficult, not less. The UK posted GDP mid-week and published European PMI data, but Covid-19 saliva will continue to outshine both. Key economy Read more

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