Malicious Tor web servers target users' cryptocurrencies

According to new data, users of the anonymity-focused Tor network are at risk of losing their cryptocurrencies due to a large-scale cyberattack launched in early 2020. An unknown hacker has added thousands of malicious servers to the Tor network since January 2020, according to a report released yesterday by cybersecurity researcher and Tor Node Operator Nusenu. Data on user crypto to date. Leveraging the Anonymity Request Tor is free, open source software that allows users to anonymize their internet traffic by sending it through a network of servers run by volunteers. To take advantage of this system, the hacker added its own malicious nodes marked as "output relays" to the network. "In May 2020, we found a bunch of Tor exit relays that handle egress traffic. In particular, Tor's developers said in a statement last August that they stopped connections to a small number of cryptocurrency exchange websites, leaving almost all egress traffic alone." As it turns out, Tor output relays are responsible for returning user requests to the "normal" Internet after they have been anonymized. However, the hacker made a few changes to the code that allowed them to find and change crypto-related traffic before it was sent. If users do not notice this and continue to send or receive sensitive information, it may have been compromised by the attacker.Ledger does not compensate users after major data breaches. It is believed to use its servers to train and direct cryptocurrencies to their own wallets. The hacker also recently started modifying downloads through Tor, but this is unclear.

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