Make Connecting, Managing, and Protecting Corporate Apple Devices Easier

Why Apple Enterprise Management can be essential in a remote world.

No, the pandemic didn’t create the remote work phenomenon. The American workforce has been trending remote for nearly a decade, with Gallup reporting in 2012 that 39 percent of U.S. employees work from home in some capacity.

It’s true, however, that during the pandemic the number of people working remotely jumped exponentially, with most offices electing to move to an entirely remote workforce. And, a number of major companies have announced their staffs will stay remote in 2021, with some companies exploring permanent work-from-home environments. With such a significant long-term change in effect, workplaces have to figure out solutions for connecting, managing and protecting all of their company-owned devices.

For companies relying on Apple devices, they need suitable Apple Enterprise Management.

What is Apple Enterprise Management?

Companies that give their employees Apple devices need a way to make sure those devices are secure, connected, up-to-date and accounted for and provide the right access to workers based on identity. That’s where Apple Enterprise Management comes in. Companies can use Apple Enterprise Management to unify their fleet of technology devices through one central platform, no matter where devices or users are located.

With Apple Enterprise Management you can:

  • Deploy shrink-wrapped, pre-configured Apple hardware to remote employees, keeping their machines up to date.
  • Set up employee machines with a single username and password to securely access all devices and applications. 
  • Manage Apple devices, apps, and inventory remotely and automatically.
  • Protect your entire fleet in real-time with top-of-class security.

When you have dozens, hundreds or thousands of machines in employee hands, there’s an enormous amount of your company’s confidential and proprietary data out in the world. With Apple Enterprise Management, you can protect your company and client data while making life easier on your employees by giving streamlined access to the tools they need to do their jobs well.

How can Jamf help with Apple Enterprise Management?

Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that can automate the entire device lifecycle without negatively impacting the end-user experience or requiring IT to physically touch devices. With Jamf, a single system administrator has all the tools necessary to securely connect users to resources they need, automate device and application management, and issue security protocols across the device fleet. This way, only trusted devices, trusted employees and trusted applications access corporate data.

In a remote world, the workplace is constantly changing without any in-person interaction. As such, Jamf allows administrators to assign new roles and privileges remotely to ensure employees are always empowered to do their best work without any roadblocks.

Jamf allows employees to use the native Apple experience that they’re familiar with in their personal lives while quietly keeping them and their data secure. Jamf also fills compliance and privacy requirements of an organization automatically, so no one has to become a compliance expert on their own.

Jamf makes corporate Apple devices a breeze. In a remote world, the more connected companies are, the more they will thrive. Contact Jamf today to see how they can help with your Apple Enterprise Management.

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Make Connecting, Managing, and Protecting Corporate Apple Devices Easier
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