Major Governments Release Crypto Update: Argentina, Singapore, India and Japan

Cryptocurrencies are making headlines around the world, with a constant stream of new solutions popping up on multiple continents. Singapore's private bank DBS has started offering its first security token on the crypto exchange. Bitcoin mining cases have increased in Argentina due to lower power costs in the South American country. Crypto and DeFi are gaining attention for all the right reasons and offer a big win for the market in the long run. Cryptocurrencies have gained attention this year for many good reasons. News about industry developments and innovations across multiple continents seems to never end. It's been pretty good work for crypto so far in 2021, with several countries now announcing new central bank digital currencies, developing eco-friendly mining processes, and lifting the ban on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. BDS Singapore bank recently partnered with JP Morgan Chase to develop Patior, a new blockchain platform that could disrupt traditional payment systems. Recent Developments in Crypto Almost every continent is currently affected by the crypto wave. In Argentina, Crypto mining is on the rise due to recent power subsidies. The crypto and bitcoin mining phenomenon has soared worldwide, but cheaper energy costs have certainly helped miners in Argentina make more profits. Argentines have turned government policies in their favor, using, among other things, cryptocurrencies to hedge against inflation and currency devaluations. Singapore's private bank and Southeast Asia's largest bank, DBS, has launched the "DBS Digital Bond", its first security token offering on the crypto exchange. The digital bond costs $11.37 million and offers a six-month maturity with a coupon rate of 0.6%. In its current form, DBS is the only accountant for such transactions. Eng-Kwok Seat, Head of Capital Markets at DBS Bank

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