Mad Max Movie Composer Junkie XL to Auction 'Soundtrack of Your Life' as NFT

Musician Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, is auctioning off an unchangeable token (NFT) that will award the lucky winner the "Soundtrack of Your Life". Holkenborg, who has composed the music for films such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Zack Snyder's Justice League, will create a unique 20-minute "personalized audio adventure" for the auction winner based on his interview with the winner. In a press release accompanying the announcement, Holkenborg said he was curious to try blockchain and its transparent and decentralized approach. “Under the dope, it still feels pretty punk rock and DIY, and I believe there are great opportunities on Blockchain to help creators,” he said. “I thought the Soundtrack of Your Life was my chance to add something different and create something completely unique,” the composer added. The “Soundtrack of Your Life” NFT will be auctioned on AmplifyX, an NFT platform built on the Tezos blockchain, and the auction will begin at 12:00 pm EST on June 16. It will be part of a collection of works Holkenborg is putting up for sale, including the single "Despite All That Happened", his first non-film-related original work since 2012. It also includes three audiovisual artworks by the musician, in addition to visual artist Space Renders (Juan Piana). NFTs and Music Non-Fungible tokens, or NFTs, are cryptographically unique tokens that can be linked to digital content and allow the owner to prove ownership of that content. While they are primarily associated with visual content such as illustrations (such as Beeple's record-breaking $69 million auction sale) and video clips (such as NBA Top Shot), they can be associated with all digital content, including music. Could NFTs change the way we appreciate music? “I am certainly not the first in the NFT field,” Holkenborg said, and indeed several musicians have started NFT projects. rock band Kings of

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