Macro guru Raoul Pal says network effects caused Crypto Space to explode at lightning speed.

Macro guru Raoul Pal says that the network effects are causing the entire crypto space to explode at an extraordinary rate. In a new video, Pal argues that the explosion of interest in crypto markets becomes much more pronounced when considering the power of network effects or how many users and participants a system has. . or the service is it. . Pal suggests that the price trajectory of Ethereum and Bitcoin looks almost the same when they both have five million active wallets using the network, and that network effects are the main drivers of price and value. Their prices were the same and the graphics were the same, but they differ by about four years. I was like 'Whoa'. Thus, they are treated exactly the same at different points because it is only the network effect that values them. It was an incredibly exciting discovery and I realized that the entire field is powered solely by the network effect. Source: Real Vision Group Former Goldman Sachs executive says network effects not only show a surprisingly similar growth pattern between BTC and ETH, but are also gaining momentum and pushing the crypto space to grow at an absurd and exponential rate. Pal uses the world's top crypto exchanges as an example of how fast the industry is booming. "[Changpeng Zhao] founded Binance. In three years, it became the largest crypto exchange with 1,500 employees. The fastest start in history. When I spoke with FTX's Sam [Bankman-Fried], I don't know how he did it but he started from the idea and got four or five. It launched within a month, and a year later it has the second largest exchange in the world.Look at Coinbase, 56 million accounts This is more than the merging of Robinhood and Fidelity … This is amazing, the network effect And the incorporation of institutions and Ethereum and everyone makes products.

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