Macro Guru Raoul Pal, 100x-200x Growth Coming To Crypto Markets – Here Is The Timeline

Raoul Pal, former director of Goldman Sachs and current CEO of Real Vision, evaluates Bitcoin's short and long-term prospects. Pal said in a tweet that the tendency of Bitcoin enthusiasts to post laser eyes on their profile photos on Twitter is likely a sign of pride and a local peak in the crypto markets in the past. “I said Laser Eyes wasn't a good idea… it was the peak by the time. Hubris never pays bills. After the major correction in the crypto markets, the macro guru says he's looking for the last coin he can find to put in his wallet in dry powder form. Despite the terrible price action, Pal doesn't believe we are at the top of the bull run so far. "Ho um … I'm looking for cash on sofa cushions now to add. It's terrible out there, but that's the nature of a 65-year asset class. [Volatility] +." "* Note – I think this is the best. It's just a big intermediate correction." To show the likelihood that the bull market will stall before rising, Pal conducted the price action of the entire 2013 and 2017 bull cycle and compared it to this cycle to find some striking similarities. This can come in handy… compared to BTC 2013. “Source: Raoul Pal / Global Macro Investor / Twitter It also looks at the 2017 bull market price action to show that Bitcoin could potentially go higher. "2017 …" Source: Raoul Pal / Global Macro Investor / Twitter Pal previously said that the space for crypto assets is relatively small compared to traditional markets. As the rising asset class grows, reaching a market share similar to traditional financial markets will allow crypto markets to increase 200 times. “The crypto market is $ 2 trillion. 100x from here. But over time I think it consumes all these assets, so maybe 200x. it will be a straight line but this is the biggest change in the financial markets. The monetary system, the economy and how economies are run

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