Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma join blockchain start-up dotmoovs as brand ambassadors

Famous sports figures often make their way to innovative products, services and technologies. For Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma, the next creative venture involves blockchain technology. Two former professional footballers became ambassadors for the dotmoovs brand. Former footballers stay in the game Separating a footballer from football is often difficult even after the end of their active career. Most players will work to become a head coach, team leader, or seek another position in their passion area. For Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma, the situation is not much different. Their passion for the game hasn't changed over the years. However, the approach of the two former international companies will surprise some. Figo and Quaresma are entering the blockchain space instead of staying on the ground. As new brand ambassadors for the Dotmoovs initiative, they will increase the appeal of this app for football fans all over the world. dotmoovs Gamify competitive freestyle soccer for players of all ages, genders and races. The winner of each all-around will receive either local MOOV tokens or non-fungible tokens that cannot be found anywhere else. His contributions to dotmoovs will increase the attractiveness of the project, as Luis Figo is considered one of the best of the football generation – he won the Ballon d'Or and World Player of the Year award. Ricardo Quaresma is known for his football tricks that other freestyle enthusiasts often try, including rabona and trivela. Both guys have played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, which has made them very popular with fans of all ages. Dotmoovs initiative Both former footballers are attracted to dotmoovs for a reason. For Luis Figo, dotmoovs' vision is almost identical to that of the Luis Figo Foundation. It promotes and develops various projects in the field of organization, sports, social action.

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