Lucky number 7: Bitcoin and Ethereum break monthly record for total cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is again well above $ 50,000 and Ethereum is currently over $ 3,000 per token. The top two crypto giants have been in bullish mode for almost a year, and the crypto market has hit all-time highs. Now over $ 2 trillion, this most recent monthly close of the total crypto market has marked the green candlestick for seven consecutive months. Here's a look at what the long series of successes in the coming days could mean for the market. Crypto Reaches Big Adoption, Sensitivity at More Than $ 2 Trillion Market Cap is rapidly moving towards speculative assets like crypto. Until about two years ago, executives called Ethereum a double-digit “ shitcoin '' and the mainstream media announced that Bitcoin was dead again (and again). Today the story is very different. Almost every superpower in the financial world is now adopting the “ join crypto if you can't beat them '' attitude and offer exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the like in some way. Related reading | Bitcoin dominance is coming to its lowest in years, Altcoin season is finally here. Few assets, with the exception of Dogecoin and the rare moon, performed well, like the large Bitcoin and Ethereum assets that took most of the spotlight in this cycle. Its dimensions alone pushed the total cryptocurrency market cap above $ 2 trillion and skyrocketed. And now, they've helped the global crypto market close the record for the candlestick for seven consecutive months – this is the most. Longest green candle streak breaks new record | Source: CRYPTOCAP-TOTAL on Major Bitcoin and Ethereum rallies help to break historic monthly record Bitcoin and Ethereum are behind the full price action of the crypto market. The two combined with other altcoins such as Cardano, Dogecoin, and more, resulting in a new record of seven consecutive green candles. Bitcoin is a huge $ 1

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