Looking Ahead: What Should EU Regulations For The Cryptocurrency Industry Look Like?

There is always a choice. The cryptocurrency industry was built by a community of freedom-loving, tech-savvy people who wanted to make a big impact on payments since the beginning of the banking system. And they succeeded. The implementation of blockchain has made it possible to progress even outside of traditional finance, and many international companies are taking advantage of it for their operations. After ten years of development filled with hope, despair and the emergence of new directions, the world is divided into two camps. One always fought for freedom, while the other held in high regard for what is known by some as the watchdog regime. How can one get the most accurate and correct assessment? Let's analyze the pros and cons of editing to realize the full picture. Dual World In ancient times, when Bitcoin was a dubious invention that looked like a joke, used by thousands to buy a few slices of pizza or even a used car, no one thought it could turn into an industry worth trillions. . Things are different now. Early adopters became billionaires, later – millionaires and even informal investors – enjoying skyrocketing returns on their investments, as even stimulus measures in 2020 have made some people rich. And we know very well – where is the money, fraud and there are a number of laws to protect people from it. Last month, as BTC broke its new record, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong told CNBC that one of the biggest threats to crypto is regulation. Coinbase CEO explained that with the advent of the Internet, many countries are afraid of the development of the Internet and are trying to control the flow of information. China has come a long way in this regard and is still trying to monitor the internet as much as it can. In fact, cryptocurrencies have spawned a new industry direction in the financial markets. In 2017, the capitalization of the global securities market reached $40 trillion. Thanks to

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