Long-Term Update: Critical Point

As I’ve always said to understand how to create a winning operational strategy, it’s always best to look at a large timeframe. I invite you to take a look at this monthly BTCUSD chart before commenting.

Monthly BTCUSD chart with price zones on Kama’s roof / floor
We are clearly squeezed into a well-defined price December with the monthly average value setting the balance point (2020-2024) and low volatility average (about$ 28,000) of this half-cycle.US).

Failure to move and remain above the Kama’s monthly average will, in my view, be a downward trend, followed by a drop in support territory in this halved decoupling cycle of 11 to 18 thousand dollars.

The deconstructed break of the month average to $ 40,000 is confirmed, then the mapping will change and bitcoin will have to return to its position of strength, meaning it should be towards the resistance area between $ 80 and $ 130,000, according to what I wrote in January in my estimate for 2021 by entropical methods:” the top end is $ 121,000.”

Bitcoin and the peak of the previous cycle rule

Because of this rule, I very much doubt that bitcoin has a value of $ 18,000 or less in the support price area. In its entire history, Bitcoin has never tested the top price level of the previous outage cycle, and if the bottom of $ 29,000 is confirmed, that rule will not be broken (about $ 20,000 above the top of $ 29,000 in 2017).

What does soil mean at less than $ 20,000 in this cycle? That means Bitcoin’s long-term trend will slow, and we’ll probably have to wait for the next half-cycle to be above $ 64,000 at its peak after 2024. As I wrote in the caption of this post, we are at a critical point in understanding which scenario Bitcoin will develop.

The Overall Picture

Monthly BTCUSD program since first half cut
Here you can see what I have said before, the upper part of the half-cycle is always lower than the lower part of the next cycle, I interpret this as a strong bullish signal from the basic TR

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