Lolly Slate $ 10 million Series een financier Rhonda onder leiding Van Logan Paul, Chantel Jeffries, creators of sweat House

Bitcoin rewards company Lolli has completed a $ 10 million Series A round led by celebrity social media influencers and celebrities.
Today, bitcoin rewards announced it is closing a $ 10 million Series A round led by celebrities including Lolli company, Logan Paul, Josh Richards and Acrew Capital.
Many of Lolli’s early investors-Alexis Ohanian, 3kvc, Gabriel Leydon and seven, seven, six of Forerunner Ventures-have also revived their commitment to the company.
The release says the money will be spent to drive further growth in the company by further developing the newly launched mobile app, hiring new employees and building new partnerships.
“We are excited to have the support of so many incredible investors and other entrepreneurs who believe in our mission to make bitcoin more accessible to everyone,” said Lolli CEO and co-founder Alex Adelman. “We believe that it is necessary to engage leading creators to train, spread and strengthen the power of bitcoin in the masses.”
It’s good to see influencers on social networks such as Logan Paul, Chantel Jeffries and the creators of sway homes are showing great interest in bitcoin and then really investing in the bitcoin business. As a Gen-Z, I’ve spent the last few years watching the tremendous impact these social media stars have had on my generation and the rest of the world. As these influencers begin to promote the benefits and importance of bitcoin as healthy money and support the bitcoin business, not only will this area as we know it take to the sky in terms of business, but many young Bitcoins will also go down the rabbit hole.
To understand how great these effects were, at the time of writing Logan Paul had a total of 20.7 million followers on Instagram and 23.2 million followers on YouTube

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