Litecoin Price Forecast: LTC / USD Down Rally On The Move

Litecoin Rally Slashes Movements – May 30 The recent uprising in the LTC / USD market is experiencing price drops after the crypto loses momentum to cross a resistance trade area of about $ 200. Approximately 7.58% at the level of 176 USD. Starts a Rally: LTC Market Key Levels: Resistance Levels: $ 200, $ 250, $ 300 Support Levels: $ 140, $ 120, $ 100 LTC / USD – Daily Chart About a few days ago there was a slight price series LTC / USD daily interrupted rally movements on the chart. The downward movement began on May 27 as the cryptocurrency price resisted about $ 200. The 14-day SMA trend line went down to hit the 50-day SMA indicator just below the $ 250 USD market level. The bearish trend line moved south to find the lower key line at $ 200. Stochastic oscillators are in the 40th range with the covered hair facing east. This indicates the possibility of seeing a less active price action in the market very soon. Litecoin Reduced Price Do Rally Movements Take Longer? Considering that Litecoin is currently experiencing price cuts, the US dollar also does not seem to be experiencing terrible depressions in the speed of the trading situation anymore. However, a strong rebound can be seen in the squeeze of the bulls between the $ 150 low and the $ 200 main top line. And these points can also witness a range of range-dependent trading movements. The two main market movers will not put any more impulsive pressure in the next trading session. As a continuation of the downward movement of this crypto economy, the bears should continue to endure any bullish attempt to cross the $ 200 USD level to the north. However, the current trading point of about $ 176 should not be forced into support near the last low previously reached.

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