Litecoin Price Forecast: LTC / USD Continues To Move North To Recover The Average 300 USD Resistance Line

LTC Price Forecast – There has been an ever-changing process since the May 3 LTC / USD transaction value found support around a lower trading point of $ 200 during the last corrective move. of the crypto economy. Key LTC / USD Market Levels: Resistance Levels: $ 300, $ 320, $ 340 Support Levels: $ 240, $ 220, $ 200 LTC / USD – Daily Chart Daily LTC / USD trading chart now includes a bullish candlestick series Series, crypto He states that its value has been under intense efforts to recover against the value of the US dollar so far. The 14-day SMA trend line remains below the market's trading area, while the bullish trend line is pulled down in a support format with a small gap between them. And the 50-day SMA indicator plays its supporting role below both, just above the $ 200 mark. Stochastic oscillators facing north are tempting to enter the overbought zone. This indicates that some upward movement is taking place in the market. Will the LTC / USD trade not correct below the $ 300 level soon? The current permanent recovery outlook has reached one of the previous looks at the $ 280 high. LTC / USD bulls need to retract the key resistance level of $ 300 more than usual in the next session. Regarding this price value, a higher bottom line may emerge, causing a problematic trading situation in the advance of the crypto market's northern voyage. On the other hand, bears need to be patient as a sell position can be initiated in the market in the near future. Meanwhile, a strong reversal between the $ 300 and $ 320 resistance values could potentially reverse a small correction in the value of the cryptocurrency. LTC / BTC Price Analysis For about a few days, the chart shows that the market weight between LTC and BTC has begun to be questioned by the country.

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