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PRESS RELEASE. AscendEX, a global cryptocurrency platform, is pleased to announce the latest entry: the iTrust token (ITM) between the USDT/ITM pair on August 17 at 1 Dec UTC. To celebrate this offer, the AscendEX and iTrust Finance team will launch three temporary promotional events that will give participants the opportunity to share $ 50,000 in ITM Awards!

iTrust Finance is a capital distribution solution for Defi insurance projects. Sunday Sunday, iTrust aims to improve the capabilities of insurance protocols for various Defi insurance projects and aims to help DAO users and users of various insurance protocols enter the market in better conditions. The Platform also offers them a variety of income strategies based on risk trends.

iTrust Finance operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) aimed at addressing the current pain points in the Defi insurance sector. They focus on three factors to increase efficiency and promote the growth of Defi insurance protocols: efficiency, efficiency and simplicity.

iTrust Finance provides a win-win solution for all DAO batches and basic insurance protocols. They operate as a managed return collector for the Defi insurance industry, a capital distributor that works with basic insurance protocols to generate the necessary “coverage potential.” iTrust Finance establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between strikers and insurance protocols, maximizes rewards, and increases coverage opportunities for all DAO participants in the broader Deci community.

What sets iTrust apart from its competitors is that instead of providing individual coverage, they increase the number of coverage offerings available to provide premiums for other protocols, users buy premiums, and strikers receive network rewards. In essence, iTrust provides more efficient and seamless insurance coverage for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

In general, iTrust is committed to developing

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