Limited Edition luxury and lifestyle products as NFT on Bling Marketplace

NFTs, short for Fungible Assets, have become popular in the crypto world. Most NFTs currently in use are digital collectibles such as trading cards or tokenized representations of digital content such as digital artwork, music or videos. Generally, owning these NFTs means that he is the true owner of the product he represents. The use of NFTs does not end there as they can also represent real physical products and there is an NFT based Enterprise DeFi protocol to enable this Monitoring Network. The project recently reached a milestone with the launch of Bling, the world's first marketplace for NFTs based on limited edition luxury and lifestyle products. Bling acts as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds by enabling designers and manufacturers to create NFTs that represent a limited collection of luxury and lifestyle items. These NFTs can then be listed on Bling so anyone interested can browse the market and buy the product they want. Bling also supports NFT auctions on the platform. Anyone who buys NFTs on the Bling Marketplace owns not only a digital representation of limited edition luxury goods, but also real goods. Once they own the crypto asset, they can choose to hold it, exchange it with others like other NFTs, or use it on the Bling platform to obtain the actual physical product. sent to their address. Meanwhile, all transactions including the purchase, sale and ownership of NFT as well as the associated physical product will be recorded on the blockchain. Bling NFT Marketplace leverages Trace Network's enterprise-grade DeFi protocol, smart contract, and product identification solutions along with Biconomy's end-to-end gasless solution to provide a fully transparent, decentralized and affordable solution for a niche market. Soon Bling will be compatible with Polygon Network. Learn more about Bling Marketplace – https://medium

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