Lightning zoom: naar El Zonte … An Werder!

The way forward for Bitcoin is clear, there is a revolution in its ability to transfer value directly to us.
Here’s a philosophical question for Star Wars fans: when Luke launched two proton torpedoes into the thermal exhaust vent and destroyed the first Death Star, Was it the end of the story or was it the beginning? On the one hand, The Rebel Alliance won the battle and was safe after that shot. They even had an awards ceremony. Copy Of John Williams. On the other hand, this shot really angered the Galactic Empire and caused the Galaxy to wander in search of revenge, triggering the next chapter of the saga.
I mean, where the story starts depends on who’s telling it.

Big business usually starts with COD!
We all heard the news that El Salvador has accepted bitcoin as legal tender. And he celebrated. And I felt our hearts clogged. Whatever word you choose- “memorable,” “tipping,” “historical,” “cheerful” – you can’t overstate what’s going on. We live in exciting times and there is no place in history I would rather be.
But much of the debate has so far referred to El Salvador as the culmination of something. Bitcoin’s adolescence seems to be over, and with El Salvador’s decision, Bitcoin is moving into its own apartment. Now this is a real coin. The national government says so. Copy Of John Williams.
There are some facts about this. But the end of adolescence is the beginning of adulthood. It’s time for bitcoin to be accountable, implement what it’s learned and realize its potential. What does this future look like?
Many stories about El Salvador largely overlook and underestimate the role of the Lightning Network. But make no mistake: any country would have accepted Bitcoin five or eight years ago. The base layer has not changed much. New content, innovation that makes this possible and opens up all sorts of opportunities for the future, is lightning.
So let’s think about it, what is this Lightning

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