LG Promises Three Years of Android Updates for Premium Handsets

In early April, LG announced that it was quitting the smartphone for good. The company’s announcement did not provide any details regarding software and hardware support for its devices.

Now, the South Korean company has provided more details about its software policy. LG promises up to three OS updates for its premium devices, with selected budget devices getting two OS updates.

LG’s "Three Year Pledge" for Android OS Updates

In its announcement on LG Newsroom, LG says that it will be providing three years of OS updates for its premium devices from the year of purchase. The list of eligible devices includes all premium LG phones launched in 2019 or later, including the LG G series, V series, Velvet, and Wing.

What’s important to note here is that the three OS update promise starts from the year the device is purchased. This means that the LG G and V series of devices that launched in 2020 with Android 10 out of the box and are currently being upgraded to Android 11 will only receive two more Android OS updates.

For its budget lineup of devices launched in 2020, LG promises two OS updates, though it notes that this will depend on Google’s distribution schedule, device performance, and some other factors.

LG had never previously detailed the software update policy for its smartphones. Thus, it is surprising to see the company do so after shutting down its smartphone business. It has also never provided any of its devices with three OS updates so far.

LG did not provide any details on its security update policy, though, and given the company’s track record, it is best to assume they will be rolled out sporadically.

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LG is known for its slow software update speeds. So, while the company might actually provide its devices with three OS updates, it will take its own time in doing so.

LG’s promise of three OS updates for its premium devices is in line with Samsung, which also promises three OS updates and four years of security for its Galaxy devices.

LG Will Make Smartphones Until Q2 2021

LG says in its announcement that it will continue to make phones through the second quarter of 2021 to meet its contractual obligations towards its partners and carriers. It reassures customers that they can still purchase LG mobile phones and get service as well as software updates for a "period of time."

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