Leicester City's Christian Fuchs launches the world's first carbon neutral NFT

FA Cup and Premier League winner Christian Fuchs will kick off the first carbon neutral NFT drop to celebrate and honor an athlete's career in Leicester City. Additionally, the NFT will feature special footage of Fuch's iconic victory celebration when Leicester wins the Premier League. It will also present the Memories collection, developed with Dave Merrell and Scott McRoy, the world's best digital artists. Additionally, the collection includes six exclusive digital artworks capturing some of Fuch's most important sporting moments. The 30-second video of Leicester winning the 2016 Premier League, the only video of its kind in existence, has been viewed 12 million times. It is the only one of its kind and has been included in 2016's top 5 sports tweets shared worldwide. The video was shot by Fuchs and shows Leicester winning the Premier League after being a relegation candidate with 5,000 odds A. In partnership with e-sports and gaming agency Epic Global, the chance to live a glorious career in Fuchs and ARterra, the leading NFT fan engagement platform, put the video up for auction, and Leicester City signed the form from its award-winning campaigns. The NFT file gives fans and collectors a chance to own a slice of history. Fuchs will also be selling copies of the Limited Edition Commemorative Collection in NFT format for fans to access. Additionally, the memorabilia collection will include a Dave Merrel animation special for Fuchs' crowning Sanchez and a picture of Scott McRoy de Fuchs lifting the League trophy. Fans will also have the opportunity to earn signed memories and play them in a FIFA game via the BAST online platform. Exploring Business Opportunities Christian Fuchs responded to the downfall of NFT: “Football has been my passion and focus throughout my life, but recently I have explored business opportunities.

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