Leash for hard currency FUD opgeblazen, currency bureau volgens-hir-vaar

The popular crypto analyst and coin Bureau host explains why fears and criticism about tether and stable coins are inflated.

In a new video, an analyst under the alias guy mentions several key reasons why tether and stable coins do not pose a significant risk to the crypto industry.

The tether, the largest stable coin in the industry with the USDT coin, has been at the center of some skepticism about whether it is adequately supported. Jim Cramer of CNBC did several episodes on Tether, calling it a” weak link ” for crypto Sundays.

Guy recalls that his 1.15 million subscribers reported that Tether Holdings Limited, the company behind USDT, had received a certificate from Moore, an accounting firm, from the top 20.

“This certificate showed that stable Tether coins were effectively fully supported. The bank had enough assets to cover any payments. Some people might have trouble with that because they said it wasn’t a complete audit. But again, none of the other stable coin issuers did the same.”

The analyst also addresses the fear of what will happen if China decides to ban Tether. The man says it was a legitimate concern, but it eventually exploded.

“Yes, while the Chinese ban is a risk, I doubt it will have such a big impact. It becomes a simple fact. It is a decentralized stable coin published on the open source platform. You can’t ban it unless you shut down the internet completely, and even then, as soon as you turn it back on, people will start addressing it.

I think this Chinese food story is a little exaggerated. This was exaggerated in 2017, and every year since, when they banned crypto. The same can be said of any country considering a ban on cryptocurrency, including stable coins.”

Crypto analyst also points out that many big companies are integrating stable coins into their businesses, such as Visa, Circle and top digital

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