Forex Trading is All About Patience: Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

We have to be COMPLETELY honest with you and everyone else around before we proceed to trade currencies.

1.    ALL Traders That Engage In Forex Trading LOSE Money at Some Points

Roughly 90% of traders lose money due to some factors like inadequate training, planning, discipline, and poor financial management rules.

If you see yourself as a super perfectionist or that you hate to lose, it is most likely that you will also have a tough time coping with forex trading because it is a truism that all traders (whether with two or three heads) lose money at some point during a trade. You win some, and you lose some.

2.    Trading Forex Is Not For You If You Are Unemployed, Owing Much Debt On Your Credit Card, On A Low Income, Or You Can’t Afford To Eat Three Square Meals Or Pay The Bills.

To successfully trade forex, you need to have a minimum of $10,000 on your mini account, which your mind should set to lose at any time.

Don’t expect that you can become a ‘Steve Job’ in a few months with some hundred dollars in your mini account.

The forex market happens to be one of the most famous for speculations, owing to its large size, liquidity and the likelihood for currencies to move in firm trends.

Your mind might think traders all over the world reap in massively, but Nah; it happens that only a fraction of traders have sung and still singing the success song.

So what is the problem? It is that the majority of traders that comes to the market think they can become gazillionaires overnight. But in reality, they don’t have the discipline and patience required for learning the real art of forex trading.           

A lot of people today lack the motive to visit the gym thrice a week or stick to a diet.

If you cannot do that, what makes you think you will succeed in one of the world’s most difficult and financially rewarding endeavor?

Trading forex is NOT for amateurs, and that’s hardly the path to go for the get-rich-quick folks. There is no way you will be able to make titanic profits without taking titanic steps and risks.

Embarking on a trading strategy that incorporates a huge degree of risk also means opening the door to suffering inconsistent trading performance and huge losses.

Any trader who does this has shown that he or she doesn’t have a good strategy at all—except you fancy gambling as a trading strategy.

Forex trading is never and will never be a get-rich-quick endeavour

Forex trading is not a joke nor gambling, but a SKILL that takes adequate TIME to learn.

People who are skilled in this field can and do make the right amount of cash. But one has to be patient (as it is in all other career), success doesn’t come overnight.

Think about it; if it is that simple, every single trader would have become millionaires by now.

But the fact is that even experienced traders on the field are still recording losses periodically.

Let this sink into thy God-given head; there are no shortcuts whatsoever to forex trading.

It is a scheme that demands lots of time, practice and experience to thrive.

In forex trading, there is no substitute for deliberate practice, hard work, patience and extreme diligence.

It is either you become like the vulture while giving it the best shot it demands, or you go to the pool to laze all day.

To get your act together, you can open and practice on a DEMO ACCOUNT until you come up with a method that works for your objectives.

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