Latin American Countries See Bitcoin Acceptance After El Salvador Passes Bitcoin Law

Some lawmakers in Latin American countries have expressed interest in bitcoin after El Salvador passed legislation making the cryptocurrency legal tender. Countries are Paraguay, Argentina, Panama, Brazil and Mexico. Tonga and Tanzania also reported interest in bitcoin. More Countries Watching Bitcoin Adoption After El Salvador passed the bill that made bitcoin legal tender along with the US dollar, a growing number of lawmakers in neighboring countries expressed interest in making a similar move or laser gaze on their Twitter profile photos. The laser-eyed meme has been laser-aimed in the bitcoin community since February, with the bitcoin price rising to $100,000, with anyone who catches the eye. Politicians, celebrities and investors joined in and they looked at their profile pictures with laser eyes. Panama MP Gabriel Silva tweeted to congratulate El Salvador for enacting the Bitcoin law. “Good news for El Salvador, which teaches entrepreneurship and technology to the Panamanian government. We need to think beyond the canal and free zones, focusing on the knowledge economy, quality education for all and facilitating new jobs.” He stressed that this is important and that Panama cannot be left behind. If we want to be a true hub for technology and entrepreneurship, we need to support cryptocurrencies. We will prepare a proposal to present at the meeting. Carlitos Rejala, a congressman and Paraguay's national deputy, urged his government to take similar measures to El Salvador. He looked at his profile picture with a laser eye and said, “As I said a long time ago, our country must move forward hand in hand with the new generation. The time has come, our moment." Fábio Ostermann, an elected member of the Legislature in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, also looked at his profile picture with a laser eye. Also, Argentine MP Francisco Sánchez

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