LABS betreedt de NFT-markt-will change the rules of the game in the real estate market

Labs Group, the first comprehensive crowdfunding service in the blockchain and real estate industry, launched Kunang Kunang glamping resort, the world’s first public dining and real estate resort. LABS Group has divided the entire plant into 365 profitable timeshare NFT (RTS), giving successful bidders unprecedented advantages in the traditional timeshare Sunday. Sundays July 15, 2021, RTS-NFTS will be auctioned in the recyclable NFT market starting at GMT.

Introduction to the project video
What is Kunang KUNANG RTS-NFT and how it works?


I become a member?
July Dec July 15 to 13: 00 (UTC) and July 28.

The 365 RTS-NFT will be sold at an auction held on a recyclable trading platform with a starting price of $ 9999.

To participate in the auction, users must first review project details on the Labs Group project site. Potential Dec Sundays bidders can then visit the redeveloped market, conduct a search for the “LABS Group” and bid for the property in question.

In particular, the 3 holiday rooms that will participate in the auction name the rights to the highest price with the best exhibitors and a one-time advantage with the best exhibitors each month. There will also be a separate NFT, which gives the winner the right to name a resort that receives 10 free nights a year for 10 years.


What is RTS-NFT?
RTS-NFT, NFT award-winning timeshare, is a revolutionary NFT invented by laboratories. NFT’s viability in the real estate sector allows RTS-NFT to invest in resorts for ordinary investors. Each RTS-NFT accounts for 1/365 of the total dividend, and owners enjoy token rights for 30 years.

These token rights are used to address specific issues that arise in the traditional timeshare Sunday, for example:

Rewards covered by profit-actual profit covered by rewards of property from holiday activities will be transferred to RTS-NFT owners. I expected return

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