KuCoin futures surpass three million users on second birthday

19 August 2021-Victoria, Seychelles

KuCoin, the world’s leading crypto exchange, welcomes the two-year anniversary of its Futures service. Thanks to the excellent support of KuCoin users, the service continues to develop rapidly. KuCoin futures was launched in August 2019, marking its second anniversary. Since its initial launch, the platform has become one of the top 10 platforms in the world for futures trading on the market today.

The team fondly remembers the day they presented the first permanent contract for bitcoin. Today, this investment mechanism covers 60 different cryptocurrencies in Kucoin. The number of contract users increased by 260%, while the open interest rate (Oi) increased by 15% compared to last year.

Kucoin’s Chief Executive, Johnny Liu, said:,

“The user interface and experience with KuCoin futures has improved significantly over the years. It was initially only accessible via a web portal, but has now become a full web and mobile application. In October, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts rely on their smartphones for trading purposes, and KuCoin recognized this trend early. All these factors contribute to KuCoin futures surpassing three million registered users in two years.”

After the initial success of a permanent bitcoin contract, the KuCoin futures platform began offering support for more currencies and services. The first step was supply contracts to set an example for the broader crypto futures industry. Then, after the expansion of hedging and arbitrage support, the team offered many basic and promising contracts for cryptocurrency to promote risk diversity.

KuCoin continues to raise the bar with 13 language support and a light release that will help start-ups become familiar with futures. Last year, the team introduced Kucoin Futures brawl, which developed the concept of crypto futures trading. More than 200,000 users attended the event, confirming it was an interesting experience.

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