Kubernetes clusters used by attackers for Monero mining

Attackers use the attack vector found in one of the most popular actuators (slang workflows) to reuse kubernetes systems in cryptocurrencies. The attack exploits a vulnerability in the permission system of Internet-connected slang workflow machines, while deploying malicious workflows that install Monero-based containers.

Attackers use slang workflows to mine crypto
The group found a new attack vector of attackers using a system vulnerability permissions, workflow slang, Kubernetes to perform the most commonly used mechanisms, Komisyon Commission machines to load modules, connected to the internet. This vulnerability means that any instance of Kubernetes, one of the most widely used cloud computing systems, can be used for Monero mining as long as it is associated with slang workflows.

Cybersecurity company Intezer’s report says they have already identified infected nodes and those vulnerable to the attack. Unsecured nodes allow any user to validate them and add their own workflows to the system. This means that everyone can use the resources of the vulnerable system and guide them to perform any task.

Fortunately for attackers, there are several containers for Monero-based cryptocurrency mining, which can be easily used to launch monero mining with these Kubernetes machines. Most of these are derived from the kannix / monero miner, but more than 45 containers are available for use. That’s why security experts expect large-scale attacks surrounding this vulnerability.

Cloud Computing Vulnerability
This is just one of the last attack vectors that compromise the cloud computing platform and are used for cryptocurrency mining. Last month, Microsoft reported a similar attack that also targeted Kubernetes clusters with kubernetes machine learning (ML) cases. Attackers use vulnerable nodes and Ethereum with Ethminer for Monero mining.

Attacks on such platforms have begun to take their toll

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