Kripto-entrika Sec Başkanı Nimes plaates teruga naara de besherming van de consument

Gary Gensler, Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has made it clear that his rich experience in blockchain and crypto does not mean he will not and will not compromise for the nascent industry.

Before taking up his post at the SEC, Gensler taught a course at MIT (MIT) on bitcoin and blockchain, and even described crypto as “a catalyst for change.”;

However, in an interview with Bloomberg, the former Goldman Sachs partner stressed that while he is neutral or even “engaging” when it comes to technology, he is certainly “not neutral on investor protection.”

“If someone wants to speculate, that’s their choice, but we have the role of the nation to protect these investors from fraud,” Gensler said.

While the SEC sees Bitcoin – the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency—as a commodity rather than a security, there are many digital currencies that the Commission sees as unregistered securities.

Gensler’s first priority is to regulate major crypto exchanges. Coinbase and Binance.According to CoinGecko, the United States, the two largest organizations available to U.S. citizens, has conducted nearly 3 billion crypto transactions in the last 24 hours.

It shouldn’t be difficult for bodies like the board, the SEC, on these Central platforms. The recent wave of regulatory action against Binance is evidence of this.

However, decentralized analogues such as uniswap will be much more difficult to regulate.

Sec weighs Defie risks
The commission has identified several risks in the decentralized financial area (Deci), which offers new ways to buy cryptocurrencies such as peer-to-peer loans.

Gensler added that loans offered by Defi platforms may be subject to government regulations if there is a certain interest rate on the advertised asset. Similarly, liquidity pools can be treated in the same way as mutual funds, which would lead to oversight by the SEC.

Gensler doesn’t point when

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