Kraken Dan, Don't Expect Major Bitcoin Correction At The End Of The Crypto Bullish Cycle

Dan Held, Kraken crypto exchange growth manager, says a devastating and reliable bearish correction at the end of Bitcoin's current bull cycle may not be on the cards this time around. In a new interview on the What Bitcoin Did podcast, Held claims that while BTC could break $ 300,000, the bullish story surrounding the flagship crypto asset could be so overwhelming that there aren't enough sellers to lower the price. . What if Bitcoin goes above $ 300,000, do you think someone will sell it? Maybe, but suddenly the super loop chat really intensifies when the reflexivities of people who want the story to match the reward begin to work. We see it to be the opposite, as Bitcoin crashed a few days ago. All the bears come out and say, 'Oh, this is the end of Bitcoin, sell all your Bitcoins, we're right,' then the market bounces back and explodes, all bears disappear. "Unlike previous bull cycles where Bitcoin experienced a sharp drop of 80% after reaching record highs, Held considers the possibility of Bitcoin's fluctuation for a while at the end of the current rally." What if the price goes up and we print $ 100,000 or $ 300,000 and the price is stable? For example, if the price remains stable for several years, People say, "Of course, there will be a bear market. I don't know if it's a really mild winter, everyone guesses it must be an 80% drop from the last bull races, but there are a lot of things that are different in this cycle that Held has. He has already come up with the idea of a "Bitcoin super cycle" that states that BTC can go directly to $ 1,000,000 during the current bull cycle without a real bearish cycle. The rally fueled by corporate capital flows, intensifying economic crises, and an extremely optimistic and frozen narrative about Bitcoin. "What happens when it belongs to Bitco?

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