Know your risk in the fight against COVID-19

To fight COVID-19, you need to know your risk now. As of May 2021, about 50% of US adults were at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19, but the risks remain. From December to March, hesitation about getting the vaccine was halved. Many people admitted that they could be persuaded to get vaccinated if it meant they would stop wearing masks and travel freely. In the last two weeks of March 2021, the number of coronavirus cases increased in the USA. The vaccine is available for every American adult since May 2021, but it will take a few more months to establish herd immunity. Despite the increase in vaccinated individuals, states in the United States are seeing an increase in infections for many reasons. At least 18 states have lifted security restrictions, public social distancing has decreased, and the spread of highly contagious vaccine-resistant variants has contributed to this increase. Vaccines provide good protection, but not complete protection. No vaccine is 100% effective in preventing disease. In a pandemic, no one is safe until we are all safe. Existing vaccines are less effective against the new variants, and it is still unclear whether vaccinated people can infect others. This means that vaccinated people must continue to take some precautions until the pandemic passes. Slowing the spread not only stops the virus, but also slows the emergence of new variants. To achieve herd immunity, 70-85% of the population must be vaccinated. During this time, new variants will continue to evolve and spread. With most of the world vaccinated, first-generation vaccines will likely be ineffective and another round of mass vaccination will be required. Globally, 2 out of 3 epidemiologists agree that viral mutations will render first-generation vaccines ineffective by 2022, and 88% agree that low vaccination rates in some countries will lead to more vaccine-resistant strains. There is a better way to end the epidemic: COVI. understand

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