Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank will only buy 'clean' bitcoin – says institutions won't receive 'blood money' from China

Kevin O'Leary, so Mr. Wonderful says he will only buy “ clean '' bitcoin from sustainable sources in countries that use clean energy. He says institutional investors are worried about where bitcoins come from and will not buy "blood money" in China. Clean Bitcoin vs Blood Coins Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary talked about a challenge posed by institutional investors and bitcoin investment for clean energy in an interview with CNBC on Monday. He started out as "what turns out to be a really minor problem" when it comes to bitcoin investments for institutions interested in where the coins are mined. “We are compatible with big institutions. We have commitments to how assets are made, if carbon is burned, if human rights are at stake, if it's made in China, ”he said.“ All these problems… now came up with bitcoin. The institutions will not purchase coins mined in China, coins mined with coal to generate electricity, or coins mined in countries under sanctions. "Suddenly, there is a huge demand for new pieces of known origin," he continued. O'Leary, who once called Bitcoin 'garbage' and 'non-citizen giant', announced in February that he invested in Bitcoin after several bitcoin exchange mutual funds were approved in Canada. He also announced that he has invested 3% of his portfolio in cryptocurrencies. “After voicing my interest in a 3% weighting, 'Wait a minute, are you getting blood money from China?' I was flooded by such institutions. O'Leary cried. "Who knew this was a problem?" He stated that he was addressing this issue on a daily basis. “I bought the pieces and everyone asks me where they came from,” he continued. The Shark Tank star stated that he now works personally to make sure that every coin he owns is compatible and invested in miners who can do it. Read more

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