Just arrived: Poly Network wins $ 500,000 bug and $ 610 miljoen hacker prize

Poly Network, the cross-chain Defi protocol affected by Defi’s biggest $ 610 million hack, decided to award a hacker $ 500,000 as a “bug reward,” according to a Reuters report. The Hacker managed to use the signature to verify the cross-chain to transfer money to three accounts in three different blockchains. The Defi protocol alerted exchanges and miners to the hack and asked them to freeze transactions from the hacked address.

Poly Network demanded that the hacker return the funds, which were mandatory, and the attacker began returning the funds a few days ago. Defi protocol confirmed earlier today that most of the funds had been returned. He called the hacker a” white hat ” and suggested they were in constant contact with the handling of the funds.

While the heist is considered the biggest in crypto history, it highlights the vulnerabilities of the Defi ecosystem. The hacker behind the network tried to launder the stolen money, but because of the risks involved in laundering such large sums, he decided not to do so. He claimed the abuse was worth billions if the attacker chose to support other “shithole money.”

This story is updated

Just-in: Poly Network was awarded a $ 500,000 bug award for the first time on coingape, a $ 610 million hack.

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