Jump Trade Group Is Van Plan Without Uit Te Voeren Retail Stock Orders

Jump Trading Group, one of the world’s largest real estate companies, has announced it is setting up a unit to handle stock orders from individual investors.the company has proved highly profitable for e-traders after The mem stock mania erupted in US retail sales.

Jump executives plan to start a retail wholesale business, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. Wholesalers include Charles Schwab’S TD Ameritrade and Robinhood Markets, Inc.it is responsible for orders to buy and sell from online customers by such companies.

Chicago high-frequency trade group is a big name in global Sundays. The company operates in futures, options and exchanges around the world and is a major Treasury bond and cryptocurrency trader. The company has shown that retail orders for stocks for a very long time, has plans to fulfill before his breast, and now finally to achieve this goal, announced the launch of a specific unit. However, they are still seeking regulatory approval and have not specified a full launch time.

Jump Chief Executive Tonya Adduchi said the company had been forced to enter the current market configuration when carrying out its retail stake.

Trump & # 39; s big move to the stock market
Jump has already fulfilled crypto orders for Robinhood, but the move to equities will deepen the essence of the meme-stock phenomenon. In particular, wholesalers such as Virtu Finance or Citadel Securities sell millions and billions of shares every day.

They make money by getting a small spread between the buy and sell price of a stock, usually less than a penny or less per share.Dec. Once regulatory approval is obtained, Jump will also join this elite group of traders.

Experts suggest the company’s move comes at a time when its securities market structure, and in particular its payment processes for order flow, will attract SCU

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