JPMorgan boss says 'emerging issues' like cryptocurrencies 'need to be addressed soon'

JPMorgan's boss Jamie Dimon has the option of a bot with an economy of cryptocurrencies, shadow banking, and financial technology (fintech). In a letter to JPMorgan shareholders, Dimon explained that banks are "playing an increasingly smaller role in the financial system" and that a list of items such as digital currencies must be "processed – and fairly fast". Jamie Dimon's letter tells JPMorgan shareholders that banks should focus on the future. Jamie Dimon wrote a detailed letter to shareholders about the company's goals and future concerns. Dimon's letter, of course, answers the needs of his friends in Davos and at the 2030 World Economic Forum. The JPMorgan CEO has achieved many of these goals, such as combating climate change and lending more money to minorities with limited access to banking services. In addition to future successes and changes, Dimon noted that financial players are "stuck in the past". Dimon points out that US banks have become much smaller compared to shadow banks, fintech and "Big Tech" companies. However, JP CEO Morgan believes payment transactions go through the US banking system "more important" than these alternatives. "Transactions carried out by well-controlled, well-controlled and well-capitalized banks may be less risky for the system than those that are audited," the letter written to shareholders said. Competition and rapid management of cryptocurrencies Nevertheless, Dimon recognizes the need for competition in the financial world. “We need competition – because it improves banking services – and we need to manage the risks that arise with an equal playing field to ensure the security and soundness of the entire industry,” he said. – Underlines. Dimon believes there are "serious problems arising" that "need to be addressed" despite the competition. Read more

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