JP Morgan Report, SEC Suit with Bitconnect, Rep. Bucket Over Bitcoin Forks Tax Rebate Offer

“First Mover” explores the markets and top news in crypto news. Former SEC chief executive Lisa Braganca is discussing the SEC's lawsuit against 5 people allegedly involved in a ponzi scheme at Bitconnect. Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer discusses his proposal to review tax guidelines for crypto investors with forked assets. Zerocap's Ryan McCall joins our market discussion and our response to JP Morgan's latest crypto outlook report. CoinDesk TV's flagship program, First Mover, provides investors with key global market, business and regulatory news impacting digital assets. Hosted by CoinDesk's Christine Lee, Lawrence Lewitinn, and Emily Parker, "First Mover" will feature high-profile peers from CoinDesk reporters and partners around the world, including top newsmakers, influencers, analysts, traders, and trend watchers on crypto exchanges. Contains daily messages from guests.

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