Jordan Peterson Learns About Bitcoin And The Benefits Of The World. Part 1.

It’s surprising how quickly Jordan Peterson discovered the complex ideas underlying Bitcoin. The Canadian psychologist and media personality invited four different bitcoin experts to his podcasts. Their conversation is deep but easy to follow, a treasure trove for future educators. This isn’t really a bitcoin class 101, Peterson is so savvy that he easily grasps the basic concepts and, armed with it, asks the right questions. He also synthesizes what his interlocutors told him in a single line that we can use from now on.

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This episode of the podcast is a must-see for anyone interested in bitcoin, and we’ve rewritten the basic quotes and ideas for all of us so you can use and distribute them. Fasten your seat belt, we’ll go far, up and away.

Get to know Jordan Peterson’s guests / experts
Podcast title: “Bitcoin: the future of money?. and that was because the Bitcoiners book club read Jordan Peterson’s” meaning cards.” He invited:

John Vallis, podcast host of bitcoin Rapid Fire
Richard James, director of” heavy money.” As usual, the bitcoinist has already recommended and analyzed it.
Gigi der, software engineer and author of ” 21 Lessons: what I learned by falling down bitcoin’s rabbit hole.” 
Robert Breedlove, bitcoin deep thinker, ” what is money?”The show and the controversial bitcoinist figure also follow.

The Relationship Between Bitcoin And The Austrian Economy Dec.
This gang of losers won’t lose a second. Valis describes Bitcoin as an “extreme form of ownership” that does not exist in the world. He argues that bitcoin has “changed your attitude of responsibility” and your temporary preferences. Bitcoin eliminates inconsistencies generated by the fake fiat currency system. This idea becomes the opening speech of the chapter. 

Check out our “Bitcoin standard” analysis for more information on the concept of time preference.

Tu all those guest sa

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