John Oliver’s final Week Tonight is dedicated to monero’s privacy medallion

Last week John Oliver, the host of the American satirical show, attacked privacy coin Monero in a 22-minute segment about ransomware.

“There’s a pretty clear subtext about what they’re selling out there,” Oliver said in response to the Monero ad, which said users have their own banks and” avoid government pressure and nosy neighbors or scammers.”

Oliver claimed the ad “doesn’t specify what we’re going to do with our product” but” takes you to a very specific conclusion.”

“It’s like seeing a fun ad with the size and shape of plastic tubs. the human body, ” he said. 

“It’s not for anything special, there are all sorts of human body-sized things you can put in one of these sturdy tubs. And they are resistant to screams. It doesn’t matter how much noise something makes inside you, you’ll never hear it.”

Oliver’s comments about monero became part of a broader monologue about extortionists, one of the top-priority threats to the national security of the United States under the Biden administration. 

What is Monero?
Monero is a kind of cryptocurrency “privacy money” that stands out for its privacy features. Most cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, publicly record every transaction in the blockchain, where it can be tracked by block researchers.

Although not completely anonymous for their portfolios, individuals with a number of alphanumeric characters, no ID, tie wallets, and history to track their movements (there are actually companies like Chainalysis that specialize in this activity.

Monero and other privacy coins, such as Zcash and Dash, use a number of cryptographic methods to conceal and potentially identify information. Its supporters argue that digital money should have the same level of privacy as physical money, and that users should have the right to choose what information about the transaction history they share with governments and other third parties.

But in

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